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Dublin Wedding DJ & Dublin Corporate Event DJ

MINT DJ Ireland provide one of the finest Dublin wedding DJs available in Dublin, Kerry, Cork and Wicklow. However MINT DJ also provide one of Irelands finest DJs and Dublin based Corporate event DJ specialist all over the world.

Our DJs are more than willing to get up close and personal with you and your guests to help you create the best party you could possibly have that you will remember for years to come.  Alternatively if you and your guests are more reserved, our DJs will act very discreetly in the background playing the music you want for the ultimate party, whether it be your wedding, private party or corporate event.

The experience I have in providing wedding DJ hire and disco services is second to none. First and foremost I only supply Dublins best DJs, I understand your wedding day is all about you. You want all your guests to have a fun day and evening; you want your party to be different from all others; you want your special event to be regarded as the best wedding of the year!

I have performed at over thousands of weddings all over the world, including Dublin, Kerry and Cork as a DJ and MC. I know what is required to make your wedding party or corporate event fun and entertaining.

It’s your wedding day!

One of the most important days of your life, you only have one opportunity to get it right, so you need to put your trust in the best, someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

MINT DJ are expert Irish wedding DJs and party event specialists and we have a wealth of experience. we can give you valuable advice and guidance in the planning of your wedding. If you allow us we can help deliver your perfect wedding.

MINT DJ provide DJ hire and Mobile Discos within most clients Budgets, so while having Jeremy from MINT DJ for your wedding might not be possible due to a limited entertainment budget we will provide an alternative Irish wedding DJ who will do a great job.


Did you know?

Almost 99% of Brides say they would have spent more of their budget on the wedding entertainment!

Within one week after their reception, 78% of Brides say they would have made the wedding entertainment their highest priority!

72% of all brides say they would have spent more time choosing their wedding reception entertainment.

During wedding planning, Brides say their highest priority is their wedding dress, attire, followed by the reception site and caterer – reception entertainment is among the least of their priorities!

65% of all couples that chose a band to entertain at their wedding reception, said, if they had it to do over again, they would have chosen an expert Irish wedding DJ.

MINT DJ provide DJ hire and Mobile Discos within most clients Budgets, so while having Jeremy from MINT DJ for your wedding might not be possible due to a limited entertainment budget I will provide an alternative Dublin or Cork based wedding DJ who will do an amazing job.

Ceremony Music

The most important part of your wedding day! It is absolutely essential that the correct music is chosen, played at the right time and at the perfect volume. Are you thinking about entrusting someone you know to do it? What if the wrong music is played? Or it’s too loud! Or not on time. You cannot turn back time, why risk your precious moment!

MINT DJ can help you with this. Our Irish wedding DJs have supplied the music for countless wedding ceremonies in Kerry, Cork and Dublin using our transparent audio systems, we take care of everything for you. We provide the music as guests arrive, as you walk down the aisle, the signing of the register and as you walk up the aisle as a happily married couple. We will work closely with the registrar and photographer to make sure everything we do is perfect for you!

Music During Your Wedding Breakfast

The grand entrance. If you don’t feel special enough already on your great day you might like for us to introduce you, your parents or other important people into the room along with a song that’s unique to you.

After any introductions soft background music can be played during your wedding breakfast which will really help create a nice ambience. If you would like to make you own personalised playlist on your ipod or similar device our wedding DJ will be able to play this on our transparent audio system or through our disco equipment if you have booked us to set up earlier in the day.

Wireless microphones can be supplied for the wedding speeches and any announcements to be made by a toastmaster or MC, with MINT DJ on hand you know everything will be absolutely perfect!

The First Dance

More often than not the bride and groom know exactly what song they will have for the first dance at their wedding, but if you are a little confused as to what would be perfect for your wedding, my wedding DJs have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we can share with you that will make your opening dance perfect!

Would you like to make your opening dance extra special ? If the answer is yes, then our dancing in the clouds service is a must have. You will not regret it, especially when you look back on the photos and video from your unforgettable wedding day.

You don’t have to stop there, you can take it to the next level and beyond, by adding pyrotechnics and confetti cannons to create backdrop for your first dance that is truly out of this world. Just imagine how incredible your photos and video will look.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it! If you book this, then you will want to capture these special memories in photos and on film. MINT DJ now provide event photography and video service which is perfect to capture a number of spotlight moments from your wedding, as our visual perspective is unique and offers something a little bit different. I only provide this service in addition to booking one of my wedding DJ packages.

sussex wedding dj

Choosing The Music

You already have so much to do with the planning of your wedding, so why spend hours choosing the music? Leave it to us. While we will not take total control of all the music unless requested, your likes and dislikes will be honoured. I will encourage you to create your ultimate top 20+ party playlist that I will use on the night along with my own experience of what creates the perfect party for you and your guests. I will also take guest requests on the night if permitted by the bride and groom. With over 100,000 songs in my library you can be sure MINT DJ will give you a night to remember for all the right reasons!

Where do we provide our services

MINT DJ expert Kerry and Cork wedding DJ’s are based in the Dublin area. I provide DJ hire for weddings and corporate events in Dublin, Cork and Kerry, and across all of Ireland.

If you are looking for the perfect venue for your wedding in Dublin or Cork, then contact us for a list of venues where we have provided our wedding DJ hire services at in recent times.

MINT DJ also provide our expert wedding DJ hire and corporate DJ hire for location weddings and corporate events around the world in recent times we have provided our DJ services at events in Rome, Oslo, Salzburg, Valencia and Paris.

Planning on having your wedding in another country? Contact us for information about destination weddings abroad.

How much do you charge for your DJ services

The cost really depends on your exact requirements ? I will not just provide you with a quote pulled out of thin air, there are many factors involved! I will ask you for all the information needed by myself to give you the total cost.

MINT DJ understand that some clients will have a very tight budget and will have to cut corners, while many of you will want to do things the right way and will therefore pay a much higher price to hire one of Irelands finest wedding DJ’s, so therefore you will receive two quotes from MINT DJ for your special wedding day.

1st.   Hiring Sussex wedding DJ Jeremy to provide his exclusive service for your wedding day.

2nd.  MINT DJ will provide a different DJ that will provide you with good standard of service.

OK, So you have recently got engaged and plan on getting married sometime in the near future. It does not matter if you are from Dublin, Kerry or Cork, the following information should still be taken very seriously, If you want your wedding day to be one to be remembered for all the right reasons.

Most couples planning a wedding have more than likely never planned one before, so should listen to advice from those who know the best. When it comes to wedding entertainment, what most of you don’t know is that saving money by hiring a cheap DJ for your wedding will actually come with a very high price tag! There is a well known saying “Buy cheap pay twice” that comes to mind the only problem being you can only do your very special wedding day once, there are no second chances! So before you make a big mistake, here are some things you must know.

9 Reasons To Choose A Professional Dublin wedding DJ

Most cheap DJs in Dublin, Kerry and across the Ireland are not charging anywhere near enough to support their business long term; ultimately you are just financing a hobby of theirs. In the meantime, your wedding anywhere between 6-18 months away or more.

I have received those phone calls from very desperate couples who had a cheap DJ cancel on them last minute.  It’s not what your really need on your wedding day is it.

Do you want to risk the possibility that the cheap Dublin DJ is bankrupt and out of business before your big day? The phrase “Buy cheap pay twice” is very appropriate as many wedding couples have lost money by paying cheap, only to have to book another DJ last minute to save the day.

Amateur DJ’s generally do it “for fun,” and a bit of extra spending money, more than likely tax free, They will normally play the music they love, which may not be the music that you and your guests want to hear? When something goes wrong, it’s no big deal to them. Professional Wedding DJ’s, on the other hand, risk their reputation and livelihood with every performance, that is why we DJ every Wedding like it’s our last!  One bad review can do a lot of harm to our business and we know it, besides that we want you to have the most amazing wedding ever!

Ask yourself? Would you rather have one of Irelands finest wedding DJs who are 100% focused on their business and your wedding day than someone that does it as a hobby?

There is so much more involved than just playing music.  Your Dublin wedding DJ is responsible for coordinating timelines, working alongside your other vendors, managing your guests, reading the crowd correctly and making sure the right music is played at just the right time and at the right volume.

A DJ who is experienced in bars and night clubs will be at a loss because the atmosphere you get at night club is a million miles away from that of a wedding. The vibe or atmosphere you experience in a night club generally stays the same all night! The music the DJ will play will be very similar in its sound and vibe, also the people that go to a night club go to dance and they know the music will be loud, the lighting will be quite dim and the music the DJ plays will be the reason they decided to go there. This is so far removed from a typical Dublin wedding, to be a professional wedding DJ requires a completely different skill set, but saying that most expert wedding DJ’s are still more than capable of beat matching and mixing on their DJ decks.

Another point to remember about an expert wedding DJ’s skill set, is that they perform and change music direction on the fly, this is worlds appart from most night club DJs that generally know all the music they will be playing and pretty much the order it will be played in!

One inexperienced DJ mistakenly played quite a well known song that had been specifically requested as a DO NOT PLAY! But unfortunately because he forgot to update his notes it got played as a guest request and bride started crying because her Grandma had passed away a few weeks earlier.

Are you really willing to risk the outcome of your special wedding day with someone who doesn’t “DJ” weddings for a living?

The right music needs to be played at the right time and in the right order to keep your guests dancing.  At times , the mood will change, and your wedding DJ needs to change the direction of the music to keep the vibe right. Only an expert wedding DJ will only be able to pre-empt this and take action right away, if people start to leave the dance floor, then others will follow and before long you will have an empty dance floor and it will make it harder to get them all back on the dance floor! An expert wedding DJ will not allow this to happen!

If your wedding DJ can’t mix smoothly from one song to the next , you will have moments of “dead air” or awkward beats that will frustrate your guests and more than likely they will clear the floor and head to the bar for drink! If the bar is outside the room, then you run the risk of losing those guests for the rest of the evening party, even the worlds best wedding DJ’s sometimes struggle when the bar is located outside the room.

Most bride & grooms have the idea, that providing an amateur with a song list of music they love will be enough to make a fun wedding.  It’s definitely not!  You need a DJ with the experience to work with your song requests and what your guests are responding to, so as to avoid an empty dance floor.

One bride regrets hiring her DJ because he played “Uptown funk” three times during the wedding because he didn’t know of any other funky modern tunes!

Are you really going to sacrifice the fun at your wedding by booking a cheaper DJ to save some money?

An arrogant DJ with a harsh voice will not translate to your guests very well and will more than likely dampen the mood of the party.  Professional DJs invest in vocal training and practice to optimize their performance.

It is not uncommon to hear of DJ’s that have done weddings and have embarrassed guests by making inappropriate comments over the microphone and generally talking too much.

Do you just want anyone to be your wedding host or would you prefer a professional speaker you can trust with your special once in a lifetime event?

Who is going to direct your bridal party and guests at the wedding ceremony?  Who will line the bridal party up for introductions?  Who is making sure the toasts, special dances and dedications go without a hitch?

Having the world best equipment and knowing how to push play will not guarantee a successful wedding, It’s the people skills you need for a fun, smooth reception.  In most cases, your wedding DJ is the one who will make sure your special events are executed as you’ve requested.

One very cheap and inexperienced DJ forgot the couple’s First Dance song; it was close! lol but not close enough! the title of song was correct, but the artist was wrong! The very unhappy bride and groom got Bruno Marrs – Just the way you are instead of Billy Joel – Just the way you are! a huge difference!!! that did not go unnoticed.

Are you really going to leave your once in a lifetime wedding event and spotlight moments to chance or would you rather guarantee that everything is done according to your plans?

You won’t make your guests dance to songs you like if they don’t feel the same way.  Your DJ needs to be able to read your guests like a good book and have the experience to build his DJ sets around your musical preferences, believe it or not this is normally done on the fly!

Any amateur DJ can play the songs you request, but they lack the experience needed to make it work.

Would you like your wedding guests to remain on the dance floor all night or is it acceptable to have lengthy periods of time with no one dancing?

A backup music system at your wedding venue is essential, making sure you have music at your wedding no matter what. Many cheap and amateur DJs will not have a backup plan if a speaker blows, DJ mixer catches fire or a laptop dies.

We were approached during an event where we were performing by a so called wedding DJ in the next room who asked if he could “borrow some audio cables for his DJ decks” because his were broken.

As for the amount of times we have come across very very bad sounding music systems that other DJ’s have been using, well its shocking and embarrassing!

Are you really going to take a chance without a backup music system on your special wedding day?

A Bose stereo system that sounds great in your living room does not sound good in a large spacious wedding venue.  High end professional speakers and DJ equipment are needed for clear sound that has impact at low volumes, so your wedding guests can speak at the table while the dance floor action is in full flow

If you actually want your guests to hear the wedding vows at your ceremony, you will need professional sound equipment and a qualified technician to ensure this happens.

One wedding DJ showed up at a wedding venue for the first time without speakers or mixer because he was told that he could, “use the venue’s sound system” but he did not call ahead to verify, so nothing was arranged and it was too complicated for him to work out! sound systems can be very simple but they can also be incredibly complex as was the case in this instance!

Are sound issues like sudden jumps in music volume or audio that is impossible to understand acceptable on your wedding day?

If your not planing to have formal events on your wedding day, and you would like a cocktail party more than a dance party, it might make sense to save money by hiring a non-professional wedding DJ.  But if you’re investing thousands of pounds on creating your perfect day, please don’t jeopardize it by hiring people that don’t know what they’re doing.

Your special wedding day only happens once; make sure you hire
an expert Dublin wedding DJ who gets it right.

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