Book our live musicians to take your party to the next level

Why should I book a saxophonist and/or percussionist to play alongside my chosen DJ?


You would really like to have a live band for your Sussex wedding or corporate event in London, but your budget will not stretch to the £3000 you will need if you want to book a really good party band. Also you feel only having a DJ for your wedding or corporate event is lacklustre and will not inspire your guests to get up and cut shapes on the dance floor.

So what’s the solution then? Hire one of the UKs best wedding and Corporate event DJs along with a saxophonist and/or percussionist, it’s a very simple concept that is becoming increasingly popular for weddings and corporate events in Sussex, Surrey and London. The live element of having a saxophonist and percussionist will add that all important extra dimension that live music creates. Our live musicians and world class DJs guarantee to be the talking point of any event, whether it be a wedding in Sussex or a blue chip corporate event in London, this winning combination will deliver just the right atmosphere and feeling for any given event.

Even though a Sussex wedding DJ or London corporate event DJ can be truly amazing at creating the perfect party and have almost everyone on the dance floor, sometimes, people need more! What do we mean? Well there are always those guests at weddings and corporate events that will never get up on the dance floor, it just won’t happen! As much as some of your guests might like listening to the music the DJ is playing and enjoy his mixing skills, these days there are very few DJs in the UK that can captivate an audience unless there playing music!

Let’s face it, at weddings and corporate events many people would love to watch something exciting and be entertained on another level, that’s why adding a saxophonist and percussionist to your DJ package is a great idea. It gives a great visual for all your guests keeping them entertained while the musicians